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11PXLs Solana NFT View and Tools DegenBags and JunkTown Game!
DegenBags: An Incredibly Unnecessary Innovation / Waste Management Application DegenBags main purpose next to viewing NFTs and stalking web3 nichefluencers is to reduce the amount of NFT´s from the garbage mountain piling up on Solana Beach. DegenBags has a lot of astonishing and unnecessary features: Search any Solana Wallet by domian or pubKey View NFTs in Collage Mode or Detailed View Burn NFTS and sent them directly to the graveyard Mint NFT messages on any wallet for free Create your very own Ponzi Token with Degenbags Ponzi Maker Update Metadata (only UA Wallets) or Airdrop NFT or SPL with our Airdrop Tool JunkTown: webgl Part 2. The best place to crack some hamsters!
JunkTown will be the second part of 11PXL Unity webgl Game and will be crucial for the 11PXL Universe. JunkTown will be the visual experience to be a Solana NFT Degen. JunkTown will have it´s own native inGame Token jUSD which will be swappable for $TRUK which is 11PXL native SPL Token. $TRUK will be airdropped to NFT Holders in Q3 2023 11PXL aims to release the game Q3 or Q4 2023 11PXL will continue to release nonSense for following reasons: Creativity and Entertainment Meme Culture Community Differantiation Brand Building